Welcome to Harlow. You are joining us at a very exciting time as we move into our new academy trust Nexus. There are lots of exciting changes that we are making as a new team one of which is to change the name back to Fountaindale very soon. Please do take a look at our website for the information that you need and we look forward to sharing our new #FountaindaleFamily one very soon.

Harlow is a school for children and young people who are 3 to 18 years old who have experience profound and multiple learning needs, complex physical and medical needs and sensory needs. At Harlow we are passionate that every day matters for children and have the child and family at the heart of everything we do.

Our belief that it ‘takes a village to raise a child’ is one whereby we walk the path alongside our students and families to ensure they are do not feel alone or without support from the range of multi-disciplinary therapists that we have access to.

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