Our Learning Environment

The Harlow Academy is a purpose build school set it beautiful woodland. The outside learning environment is not only stunning, it is engaging, practical and used throughout the curriculum.

On entering the main school building the environment is designed to be immersive, tactile and sensory focused, in a way that aims to promote a love of reading and encourage curious minds.

The corridors of the academy are themed around different novels that are studied in class, and this is intended to bring learning and development in to these areas of the building, as we believe learning shouldn't stop at the classroom door.

Our Classrooms are also immersive and engaging. Each classroom is themed around the book that the class are studying as part of the Novel Study approach.

We encourage classes to embrace a Curiosity Approach to learning and this means that our classrooms might be trasformed in to scenes from a book, with authentic furniture, ornaments and other items to explore and learn about.

Here are some photos of just some of our Learning Environment